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What kind of GAPIMNY programming do you most enjoy?

In light of the election, GAPIMNY is planning a range of programming to further support our communities.
Which of the following would you attend?

What reasons do you attend GAPIMNY events for?

In 2016, how many GAPIMNY events have you attended?


How informed are you about GAPIMNY events?

What is your preferred channel for learning about GAPIMNY events?

What social networks and messaging apps do you use regularly?

What are ways to make the GAPIMNY website better for you?

We are planning our next round of improvements to gapimny.org

What ethnic background(s) do you identify as?

What is your age group?

How would you describe your gender?

What sexuality do you identify as?

e.g., gay, queer, etc.
Are you currently a paid GAPIMNY member?

Any other constructive feedback for the GAPIMNY Steering Committee

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